Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jo!

Thanks Oji-chan and Oba-chan for the bus. I built the bus with Daddy, there was so many pieces. Daddy had a hard time but and we lost the piece to the wheel but we found behind the curtain.

Jo was so eager to pick off all the dinosaurs. Here's a pic before they came off.

The blue is the water. And the big 'ant hill' is supposed to be the volcano. I tried to make red colored whip cream but turned out dark pink. Oh well...that's the best I could do.

Here's Jo's birthday cake before I decorate it. It's a pineapple and blueberry cake. Turned out purrrrty good. Jo wanted a Dinosaur cake. So I checked the internet for some ideas and I found this one. I was pretty satisfied with the turnout.

Ken's 5th Birthday!

Thank you Oji-chan and Oba-chan for the birthday presents. I had a great birthday. And eating out was alot of fun. Got to eat pizza too. Yummy!

Check out my Predator face. Thank you Iven, Kari, and girls for this present. When I finish building the alligator I will post the picture.

Ken wanted to eat at a restaurant for his birthday so we ate at one called 'Tomato and Onion'. We ordered cake and ice-cream and after which he opened his presents.

We love you Kenny. You've grown so big. We are proud to be your parents. XXX