Friday, March 13, 2009

Sand Play!

Ken (4)

Joe (1 1/2)

Deryk (3)

Yuto (Almost 3)

Digging holes, making shapes and inventing things with sand, at the nearby school.

Yuto's favorite ride! Vrrrroooom!

This is Yuto's favorite ride, but too bad his shoes get worn out after awhile so he has stopped riding it. He's been riding this car for 2 years now, it's had it's days.

Tranpoline Park!

A little bit sad cause we had to sit down to take a photo.

But now that the photo shoot is over let's go and play.

Yuto, walking around in daddy's big shoes.

This is Joe, a couple weeks before he learned to walk.

Enjoying the rollerslide park

Here's a few older pics that I didn't post yet.
We finally got the internet connected in our room, so back to posting pics for all of you to see. So sorry it's been taking so long. Love you all! XXX -Hugs & Kisses from all of us.